Monday, August 03, 2015


Things I loved in America this summer:
  • The big, big blue sky.
  • The vast, vibrant green rising to meet the sky at the horizon.
  • The horizon!
  • Driving fast with the windows down and the radio on.
  • Target
  • Guacamole and barbeque and salads and so much delicious food.
  • Family and old friends.
  • Talking about Ferguson and Charleston and diversity and privilege.
Things I am loving about Jakarta now that we are home again:
  • My bed and my schedule and my food.
  • Ibu Sri, our housekeeper and Pak Adi, our driver
  • Fabulous coffee and bright flowers for sale at good prices, just down the street.
  • How the many individual friends that I remembered over the summer actually coalesce into one pretty fabulous community for our family here.
  • The lazy end of summer, giving us hours at the pool and afternoons watching movies with friends and evenings to crash on the couch or mornings to sleep in and naturally recover from jet lag.
It was so good to spend our summer in the United States with our family again this year.  But truly, it is good to be home again.