Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Jakarta Shortlist: Bali

Today, in Jakarta, the nurse called me at work to say that my kindergartner needed to come home.  I was out of the office within 10 minutes and spent over an hour driving the 8 kilometers to school.  I raced in, picked up the sick little girl, and piled her into the car for the 7 kilometer ride home.  It was another hour before she could lay down on the couch.  Spending two hours in the car to take my sick baby less than 10 miles did not have me loving Jakarta.

But there are things that make me love life in Indonesia, and Bali is on the top of the list.  Oh, there are so many things to love in Bali.

Private pools in private villas;
Picturesque temples with gorgeous backdrops;

Driveways full of beauty and character, but too narrow for a car;

Sunsets complete with fishermen from a warung on the beach;

Watching surfers with a bowl of granola and a fresh squeezed juice;

Its a shortlist of things I will miss about Jakarta.  But Bali is absolutely on the list.