Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Impending Onslaught

The season of visitors begins tomorrow.

Dave's parents will arrive tomorrow afternoon, and the girls have been giddy with excitement for weeks.  They'll be in China with us for 2 weeks, and we'll spend 7 of those days traveling together.  It should be a wonderful time.

With less than 1 week to catch our breath, my parents arrive at the beginning of May.  They get to stay for 4 weeks, and we're all looking forward to the help, the time together, and the chance to travel to some new places.  They're gifting Dave and I with a few days travel sans children, and then the whole family will go to Xian and Yunnan Province on another 7 day trip.

With the weather we've been having so far, these travels should all be amazing.

Amusingly, between the two parents we may have visitors from St. Louis.

Also amusingly, immediately following my parents we will have visitors from Chicago.

These visitors are short and plan to keep themselves amused.  They will be no trouble, and we really enjoy house guests.  But we sure find it amusing that 8 weeks of guests through the year, and they all come at once!

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