Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Our Week in Food

Alright, folks.  I'm no food blogger.  I have no idea how folks manage to both prepare a delicious meal for their family and take beautiful photographs of the process.  But we spent our holiday eating some really good food, and we stopped a few times to take photos of the deliciousness.

On Christmas Eve, Dave made a feast.  He fixed the best turkey ever and some madgood stuffing.  The rest of the food was simply color surrounding the turkey, gravy and stuffing.  Unfortunately, we did not photograph any of it - far too busy cooking it, and then feasting over it with friends.

But Christmas Eve was the last day with an agenda.  So, without anything better to do, we began photographing our food.

Christmas Day:

The roast was decadently good for Christmas dinner.  But it was even better on a warm roll with some gravy poured on top a few days later.  And the thing to eat with a roast?  Yorkshire pudding, of course.

Now, remember that amazingly good turkey we ate on Christmas Eve?  We ate so much of it that we had very little leftover turkey.  But there was enough to throw together a rather amazing turkey and mashed potato pie.

And once we finished the turkey, here's what we did with the leftover stuffing and cranberries.

I mean, I was proud of the turkey and mashed potato pie.  That was delicious.  But let me tell you how amazing this breakfast was.  First, we made the stuffing into patties.  Yep - that's lightly fried stuffing.  Amazing.  And then, we poached eggs.  I know, right?  We poached eggs!  Okay, so we put these beautiful poached eggs on top of the stuffing patties, and then topped the whole thing with a dollop of gravy and a good spoonful of cranberry sauce.  This breakfast is the entire reason I am looking forward to next Thanksgiving.

And here's the other thing we did over the break.  We cooked.  We ate.  We played with toys.  And we puppy-sat this little cutie.

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