Thursday, May 15, 2008

News Digest

I've posted a few items recently which deserve follow-up.

You probably have more news than we do. We've gotten a few first hand accounts from friends whose family or ayi's family live in the region, but precious little news is trickling out. You've heard the horrendous numbers. Tens of thousands dead, more missing, more homeless or orphaned. We watch news coverage in Chinese - the photos are arguably more powerful without narration.

We have decided to wait until August to move. This allows us to stay in our home over the summer, enjoying our outdoor swimming pools, our fountains, our playgrounds, and our friends. This has relieved a lot of my stress, and gives us a summer to look forward to before moving on to the next stage in life.

Our family went to school this morning. L-- spent a trial day at school, and we all tagged along for moral support. She loved it, and only spent the first hour or so by our sides. By the time we left, I had to coax her away from playing with her new friends. She's going to be fine, and we've made a wonderful choice in schools. It will break my heart to lose her company every day, but we will so enjoy watching her blossom.

We have decided to investigate adopting a girl from China. Our understanding is that the process take about 15 months, once a family has lived in China for at least 1 year. Our anniversary is mid-September, so our goal is to have our paperwork entirely in place by that date. Our hope is to have a little Mei Mei by Christmas of 2009.

Join the drama! Our B&B still has slots open over the summer!

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Anonymous said...

We would just be so thrilled to have a dear little Mei Mei in our family! We will be praying that the Lord brings just the right little one into your home and hearts. I pray that the whole process just goes so smooth and easily. I can't wait!!!! Love you all so much.