Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Reunion

My parents arrived in Shanghai yesterday.

The girls both looked at their grandparents in awe when we saw them at the airport. This partly caused by the time span since they last saw Nana and Poppa, but also because they'd just been woken from a too-short nap on the drive out. S-- spent the rest of the day with a close eye on her grandparents. She had no fond memory to associate with them, as L-- does. It was more as if she expected Clifford or Big Bird to show up next - these are just characters we watch on the computer once a week.

L--, on the other hand, has easy and fond memories of her grandparents and was thrilled to see them. She spent the evening showing off her toes, introducing her stuffed animals, and displaying the sights out her window.

Both girls slept long and hard last night.

Today, S-- has very little memory of her grandparents, but is warming up to having new people in the house all day. She is a social girl, and happiest when surrounded by people. L--, on the other hand, is much more introverted. We generally see other people for 2-3 hours in a day. Dealing with people all day long may be a challenge for her. But certainly one she finds worth it - she loves following them around, asking them to read stories, and splashing in the fountains with her grandparents.

I think it will be a fun - although certainly exhausting - 3 weeks for all of us.


Anonymous said...

I hope you all have a wonderful time together! I'm envious! Love you all so much.


Anonymous said...

We are thankful that Rich and Ann made it safely. What an exciting time for all of you. Enjoy every minute!