Saturday, June 28, 2008

Decisions Made

One decision made, and bang! bang! bang! the rest went down like dominoes.

We will not move to Puxi. For the remainder of our time in Shanghai, we will stay in our current home.

L-- will not attend The Wonder Center. The most difficult decision by far, but the choice was clear. We can not justify her spending up to 2 hours in the car daily – we can not make a 3-year-old sit still for that long, and we can not waste that much gas.
L-- will attend a preschool nearby - one of the two I initially rejected. I still feel strongly that neither school is the best place for her, but we must not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. We will begin to investigate these schools this week. Sigh.

We will move to Singapore, as soon as Uncle H-- says go. We will hope for a January 1 start date, but we will not structure our lives around it. With our move to Shanghai, we lost bargaining power because we committed to this position before seeing any details. We will not make that mistake again, and so the time frame could lengthen. Hopefully not by much: the school year in Singapore begins on January 3, and I hope L-- can start at the perfect preschool for her on that date.

We will continue to pursue the adoption of a Chinese baby, until we see God close that door for us. We may ask for your help soon.

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