Friday, February 06, 2009

Simultaneously Interesting and Terrifying

Living in China is equal parts interesting and terrifying.  And ever changing circumstances have a dramatic effect on my level of interest or fear.

On a walk this morning, S-- and I found an amazing market within a few blocks of our home.  I wished I had my camera, and will try to return with it soon.  They sold a beautiful array of bright, firm vegetables alongside squirmy fish, pig trotters, and fowl splayed open for all the world to see their skeletons.  I found the entire place amazing, and also rather terrifying.

As our driver has made his career change to mahjong parlor host, I am desperately searching for his replacement.  The thought has crossed my mind that we could purchase a car, and I could drive myself around town.  This thought is equal parts interesting and terrifying.  We have lived in Shanghai long enough that I feel I know the rules of the road (there aren't any) and that I understand the layout of the city better than most drivers I have ridden with.  My life circles around trips to L--'s school and the grocery store, so I fail to see any reason to pay someone else to drive me around.  Except for one glaring reason - that obtaining my license, and owning and maintaining my own car in Shanghai seems absolutely terrifying.

We will see how this plays out.

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Christy Moo Otten said...

I could definitely see how driving in china can be both terrifying and appealing. i would be pretty intimidated by it...but it could be fun all at the same time.