Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Postponing Mei Mei

Within our little house, time seems to be standing still. We spend our days simply, painting and swimming, playing and cooking, and enjoying all three of our little girls. The days pass smoothly, and Annika lives so peacefully that we are enjoying how long she is staying little.

But outside of our house, time has not stood still. We received word from our social worker that our family is within the next 10 families to be matched by CCAA. Simply, we could be matched with Mei Mei within the next few weeks.

This would be disaster. Mei Mei would be older than Annika, and we would not be able to devote enough time and energy to either child. So, upon the advice of our social worker and our agency, we have written a letter to China. We state that we are still quite enthusiastic about adopting, but that to be fair to all of our children, we request our match be postponed until next year.

Our social worker has wonderful connections at CCAA, and feels good about this course of action. Because she has wonderful connections, I feel confident that she can help us make the right thing work. I am not comfortable with receiving a match when Annika is 12 months old - only 6 months age difference would be too close, and 12 months is simply too young to have the position of baby usurped. Fifteen months may have been too young, but we made it work 5 years ago. I could be convinced to make that work again.

But this is not the choice for today. For today, we chose to continue our adoption by postponing our match for at least 1 year. One less decision to worry about!

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