Friday, March 08, 2013

History in the Making

Such a day in the history of Venezuela!

Hugo Chavez was laid to rest today, in an internationally star-studded event.  Attendees included the leaders of both Cuba and Iran, as well as Jesse Jackson Sr. and Sean Penn.  Bus driver cum vice-president Nicolas Maduro was sworn in as president later in the day.  Such a rare, and admittedly impressive rise to power.

Everything was closed today - grocery stores, restaurants, public transportation ran only limited service.

We are in a legal state of Ley Seca, which prohibits the sale, distribution and consumption of alcohol through March 12th.  This makes it easy to arrest public drunks and will no doubt help to keep the peace.  It also means our street is quiet, with none of the standard parties with loud djs blasting through half the night.

Rumors abound on the internet today.  Rumors that although Maduro hopes to have Chavez' body embalmed and on display for all of eternity, Venezuela does not have the ability (and did not show the foresight) to make this happen.  Rumors that the coffin which traveled through the city for thousands of caracenos to pay their respects was actually empty.

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