Monday, July 29, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We returned to Caracas yesterday, after spending 6 weeks in the states.  Its good to be home, but that first return is always a little strange.  In every one of our homes, I've been surprised by how I felt when I returned from a long trip away.  Spending time in family homes and with old friends where everything feels worn in and comfortable is lovely.  I have left the U.S. dreading the return to my life, and walked into my home feeling refreshed.  I have left the U.S. looking forward to the return to my life, and opened my own door to a sterile and cold feeling apartment.

This trip, I left the U.S. rather ambivalent.  Those 6 weeks went by fast, filled with time at camps and on vacations and visiting loved ones and eating good food.  But six weeks is a long time for vacation, and I didn't mind the return to normalcy.  I walked into my house feeling rather ambivalent as well.  Our things are here, and they're arranged comfortably.  Everything was neat and in order.  It felt like home, but still a little cold.  By comparison to the painted walls and worn in quilts with the grandparents, it feels a bit new.

I slept last night, and woke up to beautiful sunshine filling my room and a cool breeze swirling around.  So refreshing and cheerful that I didn't mind the early hour - the sun had woken me at 6am.

I walked past the sink with horrible lighting, and stepped into the best shower I've had all summer.  I stepped out to find everything in its right place, and a natural flow that my morning that I didn't even need to think about.  I reached for the towel without thinking, and found it right where I had left it.

We enjoyed the comfort of old friends, strong family and cozy homes all summer.  We returned to a new condo with new furniture and lots of space, which we've set up to flow exactly as we want it to.  Home in St. Louis has a visceral feeling - soft and cozy.  Home here has a different feeling, light and airy, breezy and cheerful.  Friends and family in St. Louis fit right into that cozy and warm feeling, while friends here are all new.  They fit perfectly into the light and airy, breezy and cheerful feeling of our home.

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