Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feeling Less Funky

It seems that posting yesterday had a normalizing effect on me.  Everything made me seethingly angry yesterday (beginning with the guy who changed the channel at the gym - come on, man!), but  I'm feeling much more resilient today.  I'm also feeling buoyed by a fabulous piece of new information.

More in an act of fear and distrust than in a decision to be pro-active, I contacted a preschool in Jakarta.  I looked at the list and the map, and I emailed the school that looked the very best - my absolute top choice.  I sent some questions and asked for more information, and was wildly comforted by how she replied.  More than comforted, I'm feeling excited by what she said.  I asked some pretty specific questions about how they run their classes and the choices they make in their curriculum, and she had well-thought out and extensive answers.  I told her where we'll live, and asked how much the traffic would impact my choice.  She said I was right to be worried about traffic and its impact on my life (sad, but not surprising).  She also said that she is right around the corner from us, that loads of kids from our neighborhood attend her school, and that many of the moms will walk or bicycle their kids to school.  Hooray!  She also promised that a seat would be available for Annika in August and said not to worry about making a decision in advance.  Hooray!

The school costs more than we budgeted, which means we will take her advice and shop around a bit.  But we just bought a car there, and that is coming in under budget.  Hooray again!

Feeling buoyed by this success, I'm now ready to attack that moving To Do List.  On the list for today - learn how nervous I should be about Lilly and Sophia's school.  They have found a spot for Lilly, but are making no promises to accept Sophia.  I know others are in our same boat, so I'll contact the embassy to learn whether or not I should worry.  Also on the list for today, do a bit of research for music class.  Things are in place for me to open another Music Together center in September, but the home office wants me to submit the location within the next few weeks.  Happily, we have been paired up with a very nice family who live in our complex and have offered to answer any and all questions.  The gym at our complex looks to me like a fabulous spot for music classes, so I'm hopeful that her research will be simple and I'll be able to cross another line off of my list.

Thanks for the words of support yesterday - feeling much less lonely today.  Thanks to the big coffee on the table next to me, I'm feeling much more energized as well.  And thanks to spring sports, I have no time to be bored today.  Its a busy season!

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