Friday, May 23, 2014

Sunshine and Roses

The weather has been so lovely over the past few days that we've been sleeping with our windows wide open.  Because the glass slides left to right instead of bottom to top, we have also been sleeping with our blinds wide open lately.  And so, this morning the bright sun and cool breeze woke me at 6:30am.

Annika and I took a walking tour of our neighborhood this morning.  She biked and I walked to a new little coffee shop, where we picked up croissants and ate them in a new little park.  We walked over to music class, and then home again after.  On the way home from music class, she stopped at a bed of roses and smelled a flower from each bush.  We walked to the drugstore, after swapping out her bike for the stroller.  She fell asleep, and I kept walking.

I realized that my blog posts have been filled with worries.  But I am not filled with worries about this move.  I'm pretty excited.  I think Jakarta will be an amazing city for carrying a camera.  I think it will be full of little pockets for exploring.  I think it will compare in many ways to our time in Shanghai, and I'm eager to find the similarities and the differences.

But I am not excited about the weather.  A few nights ago, I checked the current weather in Jakarta.  You see, I usually check the weather during the day... and so I usually see Jakarta's nighttime temps.  But just for fun, I checked Jakarta's weather at midnight last night / noon Jakarta time.  It was 90 degrees and felt like 101, with a chance of thundershowers.

The new weather will be an adventure all its own - I must admit, I'm pretty excited about monsoons!  But I have also submitted a request for lots of days like today to finish up our time in the states.

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