Sunday, September 07, 2008

Seeing Stars

I saw blue sky this afternoon, a phenomenon which has happened infrequently but rather magically this summer. The sun set this evening on a beautiful blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds. It made me sigh.

This evening, the girls and I enjoyed the playground after dark. As we walked back to our building, I looked up and saw a star in the sky. I paused - could it really be? I looked up again, and counted more stars. The girls and I lay down on the concrete ground, and I showed them the 7 stars in the sky tonight.

It wasn't exactly summer camp, but it sure felt nice.

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Sheri said...

Somehow I can't seem to get this post out of my head... I've lived in big cities, so I know exactly what you mean... but I don't live like that nowadays, and wouldn't willingly do so again... but: you made the most of it for your girls!! Great job!!