Thursday, October 30, 2008

Messy Independents

Wendy has been our ayi for 6 weeks now, and we enjoy her. She works hard, she listens to our needs, and she offers back suggestions and voices her own needs as a good and confident employee would. She speaks wonderful English and gets along well with both L-- and S--.

She tells me that she enjoys them both, thinking them quite clever. She told her family that both of my children can feed themselves, wash their hands on their own, and even clean up their own messes. They're all impressed that L-- helps her sister, and that S-- uses a fork and spoon all by herself.

How do they teach their children these skills? her family asks her.

Well, she responds, you should see the mess those children make.

Her family responded quickly. Oh, I could never live like that!

** It is worth reminding the reader that Chinese families eat with chopsticks, a skill hard to pick up even as an adult. Most children do not learn chopsticks until around 3 years old, making it quite difficult to feed yourself at a younger age.

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