Thursday, October 16, 2008

Total Recall

We're catching a flight to Qingdao this afternoon - the site of the Olympic sailing competition this summer. So I've only a moment, but wanted to be sure and post this news update today:

The Shanghai Daily is the local English language newspaper, entirely condoned by the Chinese government. So the reader must take each word with a grain of salt. According to the article above, the Chinese government followed by the Shanghai local authorities called for a complete recall of milk produced before September 14th.

I have not yet been to the store to see if the recall is actually occuring, but the fact of it raises plenty of questions in my mind. Among them,

If this milk has been tainted, why wait to recall products until a full month after the information was released?

September 14th was the day the press shared the story about melamine in the milk. Who is to say that September 14th is the day that dairies stopped pouring melamine into their milk?

The largest fresh milk supplier in Shanghai is Bright Dairy. They were found to have dangerous levels of melamine in their liquid milk. No recall ever occurred. Further, over the last few weeks I have seen corner stands touting Bright Dairy milk products. I've long suspected that the clothes sold in markets around town are either knock-offs or items of too poor quality to be sold in a foreign market. I hate to think what this implies about the milk sold on the street corner.

And I hate to notice that people continue to purchase it.

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