Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Quick Walk

S-- and I walked to a neighbor's home recently. I happened to have the camera in my bag that day, and caught a few uniquely Chinese shots.

As a resident of Shanghai and a purveyor of a mobile phone herein, I am able to ascertain most of the "English" on this sign. But can you?

After posting the piece about the many street workers in Shanghai, I thought I should document one of our own. This cobbler works on this same corner almost every day. I asked him to repair my brown boots, but he correctly told me that they are low quality and beyond repair. He is always busy.

A mobile fruit market. These oranges (possibly Mandarin oranges) have been everywhere for the past month or two, and will continue until just after Chinese New Year. Oranges are a symbol of wealth because there are always plenty of them. And these oranges are easy to peel, generally seedless and super tasty. A real hit in our house!

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