Friday, July 30, 2010

Silence on Shenzhen

Neither regular readers nor fellow expatriates should be surprised when I tell you that we have no answers on our possible move to Shenzhen. It seems that our little ultimatum (school starts on Aug. 12, and our kids need to know that they're moving prior to the drive to the airport on Aug. 11) is of no real consequence to the decision makers.

Dave and I continue to feel comfortable with the option of moving, although we both vacillate wildly about which city we would prefer. I have a strong support network here now, and never feel isolated. This would certainly change upon moving to a new town. But we no longer live in the right house in Shanghai - too small, too unsafe, and too far away from school. This would be the perfect opportunity to mix up all that is frustrating about our home.

Essentially, for Dave and I, it comes down to this. If this would feel like an extended vacation, then we would have a great time. If this would feel like a short-term move, then it would be extremely difficult. If Dave works crazy-long hours and Lilly suffers with the transition, it could be more different than exciting. But the location and the apparent community both lead me to believe that we could have a great time.

Still, if we may be moving within a week, how do I shop for groceries?

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