Monday, July 19, 2010

Updating the Political Register

A nominee was just invited to the September class. This person will begin their journey in the foreign service in about 6 weeks. She seems to have been one of the last candidates called. She was called with a 5.8, and ranked #16.

Another nominee was just added to the list with a 5.67 (above Dave, who has a 5.6). He is ranked #45 out of 189.

If they are not dipping much further than #16, and Dave has dropped to near #50, then its good he is pursuing other options. Pray for quick absorption of Mandarin, and/or a high score on the Econ interview this winter.

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Bfiles said...

hi, found your blog through life after jerusalem, and I'm interested on many fronts, including adoption and FS! I'm a Con candidate hoping to get the call this fall. Good luck to your husband - the Pol cone is amazingly competitive and I really admire those who make it in. Mandarin sounds like a good idea for him.