Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Deep Breathe

Dave tells me I over-reacted. He says there have been a few misunderstandings, and that everything will be fine. He's talking to people and explaining our needs. And whatever Uncle H-- decides, we have the ability to make the choices right for us anyway.

The previous hyperventilating may have been the outpouring of a week-long positive attitude. It is an easy move, a comfortable place, and a friendly community. I have been in conversations every day. We were even invited to a playdate this afternoon. But I'll admit to a touch of plaster behind my smile.

Moving with children is both easier and more challenging. I'm not particularly lonely, because I've got 3 young ladies keeping me company most of the day. They create sparkling conversation and come up with great ideas for things to do. Plus, they keep me busy. Laundry, lunch, and ferrying back and forth to school fill up most of the day.

But they also adjust to a new place differently than I do. I like to just jump right in - accept every invitation, talk to every new face. Lilly prefers to hang back, get the lay of the land, and then become friends with people as they ask her to. The two don't mix very well, and so I'm hanging back alongside my girls. They seem to adjust to place the same way. I'd love to explore every free moment, checking out new restaurants and taking walks in a different direction every day. The girls prefer to stick to the few places which are comfortable, so we eat at home and play at the same playground. I can hardly complain, as it makes my life simple. Exploration will come on the weekends, and may be forced. But it will come, and if lunch and ice-cream are part of the package then we'll have happy girls soon enough.

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