Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving Day, 2

I have no words to express today. It was good.

The movers arrived on time (well, on time considering they were one day late) and they did fantastic work. They were pleasant men, and I enjoyed chatting with their manager. Because they did such good work, I was able to sit on the couch and read a book for nearly 5 hours, eventually struggling to stay awake. I kept thinking, what would they think if I just curled up and took a nap here on the couch?

I enjoyed a too brief conversation with my friend Julie.
I got to meet Wendy's daughter, and to see our old driver and meet his family.
I watched every unwanted item from my house go to someone who felt truly excited to take it.
I welcomed the Bible Study ladies into my home one more time, and watched my friends feel at home with each other and in this space.
I enjoyed a truly fantastic burger in wonderful company.
I delivered a box of maternity clothes to Larissa, and enjoyed a late night conversation with her while waiting for her husband to arrive from Mongolia.

I talked to Dave about the weekend, and am now looking forward to sleeping in my bed, on sheets and pillows which I picked out, for the last time in a long time. I have nowhere to be until 10:45 tomorrow morning, and so am looking forward to a late start, a hot shower, and a walk through the hidden lanes of this my neighborhood to the amazing little bakery a few blocks away.

An idyllic way to end my solitary weekend, before rushing home and arriving just in time for family dinner before Dave jumps out the door for an overnight flight to Singapore. He will spend this week out of town, much like last week, and much like the week after this. I'm exhausted, and really looking forward to my hot shower and the walk to the bakery tomorrow morning.

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