Monday, January 07, 2013


I woke up this morning in a good mood.  The sunlight is peeking in from behind the curtains, and a breeze is playing by their side.  Lilly and Sophia are playing downstairs while Dave eats breakfast.  Annika is still asleep.  I can take my time getting ready this morning, because we have only faux homeschool planned for the day.  I checked Facebook.  I checked email.

In email, Amazon confirmed my purchase from last night - with $50 added on for shipping.  After spending well over an hour last night trying to find the most reasonably priced groceries, all eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping, I somehow still failed with my purchase.  I quickly canceled the order, and all traces of the order disappeared.  Since I've restarted my research this morning, I haven't found a bag of flour that costs less than $8 plus shipping.

My kids keep fighting with each other and with me.  The floors are so dirty that our feet are black.  Someone pooped in the toilet that doesn't flush.  Sophia threw her comb on the floor and broke it.  Lilly has no clean underwear.  The oranges I bought at the market on Saturday are already growing mold and sprouting flies.

Today, I kind of want to cry.

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Nomads By Nature said...

Oh sweetie. This too shall pass. You will figure out the grocery challenges and be a great asset to future arrivals with your knowledge. It could be too, that the solution is to just roll with it because it is what it is.

And as far as the black coated feet - been there and feel for you. The only solution I found was hiring help who specifically swept and mopped floors daily to keep up with the grime that floated in nonstop.

You will find your balance there soon, the ability to laugh off the small stuff, and master meal making with what is available locally while dreaming of that first R&R grocery store visit. I can never go in a grocery store in the US without being totally lost in awe of the extreme variety of choice and price. Such a luxury of abundance.