Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hooray for Housekeepers!

Yesterday did get better, although slowly.  Lilly and I struggled through the morning, but then we spent the afternoon doing puzzles and playing games together.  We liked each other much more by bedtime.  Lilly seems to be struggling with listening to us lately - possibly asserting control over her circumstances?  Who knows.  Either way, its been an unpleasant struggle most mornings, but generally overcome by lunchtime so far.

However, today was much smoother.  Partly because Lilly got nicer faster.  And partly because Mary Luz began work today.  We have returned to the world of People With Housekeepers, and it is nice here!  I can walk barefoot on the floors, which feels so luxurious!  We were able to take Lilly and Sophia on a school visit while leaving little Annika behind to nap - so nice!  And Mary Luz prepared a delicious, healthy and well-balanced lunch while I did school with the girls.  So good.

I mentioned the school.  Lilly and Sophia both had screenings with counselors at their new school.  No surprise that they did quite well.  The admissions counselor believes they will start on Monday, which we are all looking forward to.  Each of their screeners made a positive impression on the girls, as did the school in general.  We'll have a family interview tomorrow, and also a tour of the school and chance to buy uniforms and lunch tickets.  I'm very much looking forward to the tour, as the facility looks fabulous.  I continue to be excited about this aspect of our lives here - such a blessing!

I am about to begin fixing dinner in a clean kitchen, with all clean dishes.  Ah, how lovely.  Making the empanadas that an Argentinian friend taught me last week.  Yesterday, life was full of failure.  Today, life is smooth.

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