Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Poor Spanish

I think I just made our housekeeper mad.

We keep the windows open throughout our house, and this lets in lots of dust and particulate matter.  Its kinda gross to think that we're always breathing in the stuff that gathers on our floors.  But I digress.  The floors are dirty within a day and she cleans them every day.  She always waits until the afternoon to clean them.

Well, with three kids eating breakfast and the littlest of those eating lunch every day, the floor under the table gets pretty gross.  So I asked her to sweep under the table after we eat.

Por favor, despues comemos quiero que barrer el piso.

I'm pretty sure I said what I meant to say.  And I'm pretty sure she misunderstood.  This could happen if we were both speaking the same native language.  The difference, of course, is that I could clarify if we spoke the same language.

I'm pretty sure she's upset with me.  She talked a lot of words at me after I said it.  Among those words, I'm pretty sure she said that she doesn't have time for anymore work.  To her credit, she may have told me this morning that she had a headache.  And also to her credit, she may think that I want her cleaning all of the floors of the whole house after every meal.  She certainly doesn't have time for that.

Solo quiero que barrer el piso debajo de la mesa despues de comer.

I think I need to start studying Spanish again.

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