Monday, October 21, 2013

Our Stuff Status

Through a series of posted sales, and through an amazing amount of work on the part of our friend Jesse, most of the stuff that we brought to Caracas has been sold.

This is daunting.

On one hand, this is amazing and exciting.  We don't have to worry about shipments or doing without - we have very little to be shipped and very few things we will be living without.  We can instead focus on replacing and rebuilding our home in whatever image we choose.

On the other hand, this is cold and overwhelming.  Replacing an entire household is not actually on par with redecorating an entire house.  Many things ought to be replaced right away.  For instance, we brought a bed for each of us to Caracas.  We sold each of those beds, and now have the money to replace them.  As we bring along our beds for continuity and to make each place feel more like home, we thought it best to buy those beds right away.  That will make this place cozier, and will ease the transition to Jakarta as well.  So, we bought beds last week.  They will be delivered tomorrow.  Yesterday, we realized that we don't have any bedding.  So, today I shopped for bedding.

Buying the beds was exhausting.  We went to a large furniture store and decided that we wouldn't walk out until we had purchased everything we needed.  It was a long few hours of shopping, but then it was done and we are happy with the result.

Buying bedding today was overwhelming.  Too many choices of color and style and price, and too many possibilities for crafting a cozy and lovely bed or for quickly putting together a cheap bed.  The opportunity within this whole project is to buy things that we love.  But I didn't find anything that I loved today, and I'll need sheets on the beds tomorrow.

After too much searching and thinking, I decided to buy one simple set of comfy sheets and order online a blanket that looks cozy and pretty.  Now I can take my time finding the right duvet covers and the favorite sheets.  After all, you can never have too many blankets.  And until the order arrives, Dave and I will sleep without a blanket.  Happily, the girls have blankets already and we found some nice sheets without having to dig too deeply.

And this is the challenge with most things right now.  I need them soon.  I want them soon, because I want to make this place feel like home soon.  But if I'm going to spend the money to rebuild my entire household, I want to buy things that I love, not simply things that will work under the circumstances.  Making most of my To Do List feel overwhelming these days.

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Nomads By Nature said...

I think anyone in your circumstances of starting over on house effects would feel overwhelmed. I'm sure that you will find and pull together something wonderful and homey and welcoming, despite the need to do it all so quickly.