Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Tuesday Morning

I was planning on posting more of last week's story this morning... and then the morning began.  Lilly and Sophia slept until 8:45 - which is over an hour later than they've been sleeping lately.  Dave and I stayed quietly in bed until everyone awoke, making the hotel room a bit of a madhouse once everyone got moving.  Dave made quick dashes between the shower and the closet to get himself into the office.  Lilly and Sophia felt fabulous on their lots of sleep, and kept playing around rather than getting chores done.  Annika woke up in a foul mood, and over an hour later we have only convinced her to put on her panties.  She's sneaking a chocolate chip cookie while I write this.

So, no story that requires any thought this morning.  Simply an update.

The list we received on Friday night was dismal.  When Dave went in to start talking to people yesterday, it began to look much better.  A few posts which we found pathetic could actually be good options.  A few posts were added to the list, and they could be good options as well.  Dave interviewed for a position here in DC, and that option has many positives as well.  As the whirlwind continues, we expect to have this sorted out by the end of the day today, tomorrow at the latest.

That is good news in many senses.  We can't consider buying a car until we know where we are going next.  We can't put the girls in school until we know how long we will be here.  Should we leave early, we have a ridiculous amount of shopping to do right away.  Should we be posted in DC, we need to find a car and local housing as soon as possible.

We expect this weekend to be a mad rush, no matter what.

We are still riding on the good will of others, and thank goodness for that.  And our family is buoyed by the many prayers being offered all over the world for us.  And praise God for that.

The girls and I are taking a vacation attitude to the week, since we are otherwise stuck in DC anyway.  Yesterday, we metro-ed to the library and grabbed lunch at Cosi.  Although this seemed like a rather normal urban American day to me, it felt very exotic and exciting to each of the girls.  Today, we will make our way over to the Building Museum and hope that it is not too crowded.

I've probably lost my train of thought at the end of every paragraph as I've written this post, which is a good picture of where my head is these days.  But we are currently feeling positive about job prospects, Lilly and Sophia are enjoying their vacation, and we have more comfortable housing set up for Friday.  Under the circumstances, what more could we ask?

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