Sunday, March 02, 2008

Emergency Management, part 3

12:30 pm

A worker arrived at our door.

He removed the light in the middle of the kitchen ceiling.

He crawled up halfway into the ceiling. He took a rag and a bucket as tools on his journey.

He returned with a full bucket and a filthy rag.
He wiped down the floors in the kitchen and the living room.
He advised that I remove my wet towels, which had left a few stripes on the floor.
He wiped off the remaining drips from the living room ceiling.
He went to reinstall the light in the kitchen, and I asked him to leave it down. The more air flow in that space, the better, I figure.
He worried. He worried that I would bump my head. He worried for our safety. I told him I think it will be okay. Hao de, hao de.
He has left. And surprisingly, I do feel a bit better.

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Anonymous said...

we felt so bad to read about this . . . is it much better yet? what a nusiance! to say the least!

love you so much.