Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Night Shopping

I hit the mall at 9:00 pm.

The girls had just gone to bed, and I hopped a taxi and whisked myself away to Super Brand Mall. This 7 storey behemoth of a shopping center was packed with people upon my arrival. Surely a mall this busy must stay open late, I thought. I'll have hours to shop.

9:45 and an announcement goes over the intercom. The voice sounds quite serious, but does not sound like English. I looked around - the mall is still packed, so I think nothing of it.

10:00 - another announcement is made. Upon the end of this announcement, everyone in the mall turns and heads toward the doors. I felt like I was part of a movie set, or possibly a very orderly emergency exit. Shoppers and employees alike quietly turned from their wares and headed toward the nearest escalator. Hundreds - no, easily thousands of people streamed out of the mall.

I managed to buy some sunglasses before the announcements began. Next time I'll shop during naptime.

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