Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deja Vu

Have a seat for this one, and put on your thinking cap. This could get a little confusing.

To clarify a bit, allow me to do a quick list of characters, in the order they shall appear.

Dave He runs his department in Shanghai.
He directly reports to the Shanghai boss, but receives support
from the Field Boss.

Field Boss A friendly fellow who oversees Dave's department for the Asia-Pacific region.
He's a good idea guy (I've said before that I like him), but he seems to have
very little follow through or ability to get things done.

Shanghai Boss She runs the practice in China, not just Dave's department.

Singapore Boss She runs the office in Singapore, not just Dave's department.

Asia-Pacific Boss This guy has face-to-faces with the CEO.
He IS Uncle H-- on this side of the world.

Lynne Dave's wife, and your narrator.

A while back, Dave and the Field Boss were discussing Dave's future with the company. When Dave expressed an interest in more consulting and less business management, the Field Boss suggested a position currently open in Singapore. Dave followed up a few days later, expressing serious interest in the position. The Field Boss said he'd follow up with a few people, but felt confident that the position in Singapore was Dave's for the taking.

One of the people the Field Boss talked to was the Shanghai Boss. She needs to approve Dave's leaving his current position. She seemed less than enthusiastic, but never acted as if she would actively block his way toward a more interesting position because of the current problems in China. The Shanghai Boss gave a reserved green light to the move.

The Field Boss then moved on to the Singapore Boss. It seems that the Singapore Boss does not have the budget for an expatriate, and explained that in no uncertain terms. The position remains unfilled, but the Singapore Boss feels she has no means to fix that. She is otherwise impressed by Dave and happy to support his move to Singapore. The Singapore Boss gave a green light without funding.

With no money coming from the Singapore Boss, the Field Boss was left in a quandry. And lets not forget - the Field Boss is not generally a man who gets things done. Our impression is that the Field Boss really wants Dave in Singapore. So, our understanding is that the Field Boss asked the Asia-Pacific Boss to fund both the move and the position.

This is where things have stood for a few weeks now. We've twiddled our thumbs, waiting for word on whether a position in Singapore awaits Dave in January. We've canceled vacations. We've held L--'s spot at The Wonder Center. We've searched for new housing, and then stopped. We've searched for replacement tenants, and then stopped. The frustration of waiting for Uncle H-- to make a decision seemed reminiscent of this time a year ago, waiting for details on the move to Shanghai.

Then, today we got some news - bringing the deja vu factor into full effect.

It seems that the Asia-Pacific Boss' boss is retiring.
It seems that the Asia-Pacific Boss will be promoted.
It seems that the Shanghai Boss will be promoted to Asia-Pacific Boss.

It seems that Dave and his family have not been at the forefront of the decision-makers minds over the last few weeks.

Let me refer you to posts made in May and June of 2007 - where the Shanghai Boss left rather suddenly, and the Asia-Pacific Boss was left doing both positions. It seems this will soon happen again, but in the reverse order.

With the exception of the Singapore Boss, who seems rather impotent in this story anyway, the entire cast of characters will be in Shanghai this week. Announcements will be made, hiring plans will be decided, and budgets will be set. If they can't make a decision for Dave this week, it seems they never will.

Please keep us in your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

we sure will be praying. love you all so much. mom