Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guest Blog: At least there were no feet

One of my last nights alone in Shanghai this past January, a few coworkers called with an offer I couldn't refuse.  They asked me to join them for a snake dinner.  Since snake remained absent from my list of Chinese treats tried, I naturally agreed.  This time I brought along a camera to photographically document this epicuniary adventure.

Before we even ordered, I asked if I could see the unlucky fellows who would be my dinner. The staff complied happily: they uncovered a pile of crates, slid one out, and there they were, slithering around in a big pile. I have no idea what kind of snakes they are, but my guess is that they weren't poisonous.  The poisonous ones are much more expensive.

Just look at those tasty morsels, slithering around in a big crate.

To add to the sense of adventure, we decided to throw a turtle into the pot.

The Pot: We ate our snake hot pot style.  Much like fondu, hot pot is where a boiling pot of stew sits on the table in front of you.  You cook your food for a few minutes, and then eat it freshly boiled.

Slices of snake, fit to be cooked.

Javin maneuvering his snake bite.

At a hot pot meal, after you've boiled your food you dip it in one of many sauces.  Anything would taste good with the right sauce!

Dave takes his first bite.

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