Monday, March 23, 2009


When we arrived back home this afternoon, the following email lie waiting in our inbox.


Just letting you know we rec'd notification of your Log In at CCAA.
Your LID is 3.3.2009.

You are officially a "waiting family".
Please make a note of your paperwork expiration dates and check in with questions along the wait.  You should be receiving our monthly update - so look for that as well!

Take care,

If the DTC was the positive pregnancy test, this is that first visit to the doctor.  The OB has done an ultrasound and shown the evidence.  There's definitely a baby waiting for our family.

We expect this "pregnancy" to last another 20-24 months, so Mei Mei has yet to be conceived.  Over the next few months we'll have to annually update our family physicals and our national background checks - both from the US government and from the Shanghai local government.  We'll have to update our home study whenever we move.  We've got plenty of paperwork ahead of us, beginning in August when the first item expires.  Still, Mei Mei is a more real member of our family now than ever before.

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