Sunday, April 14, 2013


Banging pots is a Latin American way to voice protest. As the election authority called the race for Maduro, the fireworks began. They were a low, steady rumble, coming from far away. And then, a neighbor began angling a pot on his balcony.  Soon the pots rang out in our neighborhood.

Maduro is accepting the presidency as I write, and will be officially sworn in on Friday.  Over a very short 2 week candidacy, he began with a very strong lead and is said to have won with less than 51% of the vote.

Caprilles is not accepting defeat.  Bloggers claim they have clear evidence that he is the true winner.  Volunteers witnessed the counting of the votes at many polling places.

This stands to be a very interesting week.

 An hour later... 

Maduro has accepted his election, but Caprilles refuses to recognize it without a recount. He is speaking now, and says he as evidence of thousands of electoral infractions. One member of the electoral board has called for a recount as well, although his counterparts were walking away from the press conference as he spoke.

 The pots and pans have quieted, but the fireworks are still going.

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