Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Yogurt Deficiency

I have come to believe that one's ability to make yogurt is predetermined.  It is becoming increasingly clear to me that hormones regulate this ability, and that I am deficient on the Yogurt hormone.

I approach the yogurt making process with confidence, every time.  No matter how many defeats I have faced, I still believe I can make yogurt.  Every time I pour the yogurt into the dish and place it in the oven, I have full faith that it will be thick and creamy in just a few hours.

I have used yogurt making machines.  I have used the oven.  I have overboiled and underboiled and killed my starter.  I have used tall, thin pitchers and small, glass jars.  I have sat through many a friendly tutorial by a regular yogurt maker.  I have read through blogs and cookbooks, giving me the basics.  Some call it complex and some swear its simple.  I've taken both attitudes.

And still, my fail rate is higher than my success rate.

Yet I am addicted to the cause.  Although most of my mind believes that I am likely deficient of the hormone which makes one able to create fresh yogurt, a small part of my heart thinks I am simply prone to Yogurt Making Errors.  So, even though I opened the fridge to a pitcher full of cooked milk this morning rather than one of thick yogurt, I plan to try again this afternoon.  I have confidence, and in Yogurt Making, that must be worth something.  Right?


JenHahn said...

I admire your commitment to your cause. I'm glad to hear your theory as I believe this to also be the case for making pottery. I do not possess the pottery hormone/gene/sensibility. I'm guessing pottery professors also believe in this theory as mine was kind enough to give me a passing grade.

barrington said...

Girl you can bake a serious loaf of bread. Stick with it and I am certain you will get yogurt as well!