Sunday, April 21, 2013

Return to Normal

Its been a quiet weekend here.  The new president has been inaugurated, and his challenger has been quieted.  The pots and pans have ceased their banging and tension seems to have released.  Emotions still run high, but the tension seems to have dissipated.

We are looking at a 5-day week at school this week.  We have only had one other full week of school since the beginning of February.  We are all craving some normalcy and the return to a routine.

Annika and I have begun to find our rhythm, too.  Sadly, part of this involved dropping out of Spanish classes.  I'm embarrassed to admit this, because Dave says I have the worst Spanish of anyone he knows here.  I know - sweet, isn't he?  I'm hoping that a better time and a better teacher will come along.  But as my world revolves around a nearly-3-year-old girl during the day, classes taking up two of my mornings every week made it increasingly difficult to get anything done.  I'm wishing that I had continued the distance learning course that I began last fall, but I'm also making an effort to chat with our housekeeper and I do see my Spanish improving (even if Dave does not).

A few things have added into our routine as well.  I've begun a ladies Bible study on Wednesday nights.  Its a small group of regulars, and we're all showing ourselves to be quite unreliable about doing our homework.  Because of this, I don't know that the study will last more than one term.  But I'm enjoying the regular fellowship, the chats afterward, and the opportunity to get to know this group of women as Christians.  It looks as if I'll be able to begin teaching music classes within a few weeks, and I'm going to check out a women's group at the church this week.  Annika and I have discovered the little garden shop down the road, and we're also planning forays to the butcher and the large vegetable market, both without a translator or a driver.

It feels funny to me that I'm still struggling to find my routine here.  Chatting with another mom recently, she identified.  When we first arrived, I spent my time helping the rest of the household to find their rhythms.  With kids, that takes a while.  And Dave faced a steep learning curve in this job, although he seems to be nearing the top now and to have the opportunity to breathe and take a look around.  Only after everyone else settle in have I begun to seek out my own place.  There have been a few hits and misses, and a few things I see becoming commitments in the fall, so I've been holding back a bit this spring.

I'm not really sure how to conclude this one.  Caracas seems to be okay right now, although we recognize that turmoil could erupt at any minute.  The girls seem to be okay right now, although the lack of a routine has really thrown them for a loop the past few weeks.  Dave seems to be okay right now, and to feel confident in both his Spanish and his work.  Annika seems to be okay right now, falling into a comfortable sleeping routine and finding some favorite friends among the playgroup set.  And I think I'm doing okay, too.  I'm blessed with a wonderful group of moms who I see regularly.  I've got projects both through music class and through the church that I'm looking forward to taking up more of my time.  And I'm enjoying my last year with the constant company of a young child.  Thanks for the prayers.  Life here seems to be returning to normal.

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