Monday, August 11, 2014

This is Asia

I drafted a long-winded post about the frustrations of my day, and how those frustrations are part of moving but also uniquely Asian.  It included a movie-esque dash through traffic and lots of forgetting things and spending too long in the car - a running theme these days.  But it has no real point, so I dropped it for the interesting part...

Between the treadmill this morning and having lunch with Dave at the embassy, the girls and I went for a second walk around the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, this one did not go much better than the first.  They didn't like how dirty things are, and they really didn't like how many people touched them or spoke to them in Indonesian.  Apparently crews of little white girls don't hang out among the street food sellers and the flower vendors very often.  Sophia showed us a chocolatey snack that she had Dave discovered over the weekend, and when I asked to take a photograph I discovered a camera-friendly neighborhood.  Here are some of my favorites:

I asked to take his picture above, and then he began posing as he added every element.

A neighbor stall, she was set up where we ate our snack.  Her food all looked delicious.

This is where she washes up.  This is why we eat street food selectively, and not from her.

These guys asked me to take their picture.  They are posing!

They offered Annika a flower as we left.

This is Lilly's shot, and I really like it.

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