Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The First Day of School

After rather inauspicious beginnings... including powerful rainstorms and flooded streets yesterday, a cricket in the bathroom last night, and poopy pants on the way...

L-- had a wonderful first day of school.

We arrived at 8:30. I snapped a picture of her standing outside the school, and then we went in. Mrs. Leary greeted us just inside the door, where L-- found her name and signed in. She held on to me pretty tightly during sign in time, but found all of Mrs. Leary's words worth listening to and went ahead and signed in all by herself.

I hung around for about 20 minutes, where L-- slowly became comfortable. At first she walked around with a tight grip on my hand. Next she found books, and brought them to me. But after a while, she looked for Mrs. Leary, walking up the steps ahead of me to find her. I stepped into the sidelines, and she moved away from me easily. She didn't interact with the other kids at all, but she seemed comfortable to be in the midst of them. And when a few went outside to see the bunny, she ran to put on her shoes so she could go outside, too.

Outside, with her shoes on and the excitement of a bunny hopping around the ground, I said my good-bye. She gave me a quick kiss and ran off to watch the bunny.

When I arrived again at 1:15, she was playing contentedly with a light projected, watching the colors and the pictures change against the wall. Very happy to see me, she also seemed happy to show me her classroom a bit. We said our good-byes, grabbed her bags, and learned from her teachers that L-- had been a star all day.

I'm so proud of my big girl!


Becky Sandahl said...

That is so exciting! I miss your girls (and of course you:)) so much. I can't wait to see the picture of L in front of the school!

Ben said...

Yay L!

I can't believe that she is big enough for school already.