Monday, August 04, 2008

Pack Your Bags

We're moving to Shanghai!

The decision has been made.

Singapore has been removed from the table.

We will be in Shanghai for another 1-2 years.

L-- will start school at The Wonder Center in Puxi on August 21st.

It will be my mission to move into a new home as near to that date as possible. Can we facilitate an across-town move in under 17 days? Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Is this good news? Are you guys happy about it? Will Dave have the same job or has that been refigured? We will be looking forward to seeing you in China!

Love you all so much. mom

Christy said...

dave and lynne, i have been praying a lot for you the past couple of days. i have no idea how you're feeling about the decision to stay in shanghai, so i'll just keep praying that god gives you peace and works out this across town move. love you!