Monday, August 25, 2008

Rain Delay

I've been given one more day with my baby.

I awoke this morning to rolling thunder. By 6:00am, sound filled the apartment and shook the windows. The thunder boomed relentlessly for over an hour. L-- and I woke up right on time, and would have been ready to leave the house at 8:00am. The rain poured steadily and although the thunder dimmed, it did not recede entirely. I received a phone call from one of L--'s teachers at 7:30, saying that they had decided to cancel school. Not only had the storm thrown traffic patterns off considerably, but the teachers thought that rolling thunder may not be the best way to introduce a classroom of 3-6 year olds to their school experience. I think they were probably right.

So we spent the wet morning exploring our life in Puxi just a bit. Our neighborhood is certainly more Chinese - or "local," as us expats like to say. It makes us sound less racist and judgmental that way.

We hopped over to Ikea, which is now just in our backyard. The girls enjoyed exploring the showroom while my mom and I brainstormed about decorating the new place. We grabbed lunch, bought some bits and pieces, and headed out. The drive over only took 15 minutes. The drive back took over an hour, complete with driving in bike trails, driving against traffic, and turning full circles in the middle of on-coming traffic. The good news is that our driver seems entirely comfortable in his surroundings now - although the drive took a long time, he never seemed lost!

My connection is getting iffy, and so is my battery power. Bad news is that we don't have internet access in the new place is. Good news is that we've got wireless at the little coffee shop across the way. Bad news is... I forgot the charger.

Will update more over the next few days... including updates on the flooding in the complex, complete with pictures. And how much the girls like the local playground. Overall a very exciting first day!

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