Sunday, February 17, 2013

Full Pantry and a Full Tank

We went shopping and ran some errands yesterday.  I had the same list I've been carrying since Feb. 5, when I posted it here.  Yesterday - 11 days later - I was finally able to find the last of what I had been searching for.  They had butter, frozen peas and Dave's cereal at the grocery store.  We stocked up on all of them, and then we spread the word to everyone about the butter.  Folks were kicking themselves for not being at Plaza's grocery yesterday - there was butter!  Of course, there were no paper towels or boxes of tissue.  I've given up on those.  They're coming to me in my air shipment this week.

Then we made our first visit to the gas station.  We've been borrowing a small SUV for the past week, and we needed to fill it up before returning it to the owner on Monday morning.  Please note well:  we filled up the gas tank on a small SUV.  We paid 10 bolivares.  At least half of that was tip.  It cost around 5 bolivares to fill up the tank with gas.  In dollars, the gas cost us around 27 cents.  Total.

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