Monday, February 04, 2013

The Rules

Just to be clear, here are the rules of my game:

I don't post photos nearly often enough - so sorry.  Its because I never post photos of my kids, to keep them safe from stalkers and kidnappers.  And my kids seem to pop into most of my photos.

I don't speak for the U.S. Embassy in any way at all.

Dave has Security Clearance, and is privy to confidential information.  He never shares this with me.  Ever.

As an embassy family member, I am privy to sensitive but not confidential information.  I never share this sensitive info with you, my readers.  Ever.

Anything I share here has been gleaned from my observations in the country, conversations with other non-secure persons, and what I read from published journalists.

I will never complain about Uncle Sam.  Not only does he sign our family's paychecks, but he currently pays our rent and our school tuition as well.  In this all controlling capacity, he could certainly give me cause to complain.  But this will never be that forum.  Following the NYTimes rule, I should never write something that Dave wouldn't be comfortable seeing on the front page of the New York Times.  In all honesty, this made our blog pretty boring during some stressful parts of our lives.  But Uncle Sam is doing pretty well by us here, so its not slowing me down at all these days.

If you're reading back issues, Uncle H-- was Dave's former employer.  They filled the same capacity, as the rich uncle who paid our rent and our school tuition.  But Uncle H-- was an human resources consulting company which I never named specifically, so I wasn't too concerned about my individual rants showing up in the New York Times.  At times, I probably would have been happy if they had.

That's probably it.  I hope you're enjoying reading as much as I'm enjoying the growth in readership!

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