Thursday, February 14, 2013


I just got the email.

Our first shipment will be delivered to our home on Tuesday morning.

I am so excited!

This is our air shipment.  This is a few hundred pounds worth of the stuff you need the most.  At most posts, the air shipment arrives within a few weeks of packing it up.  Frequently, I suppose it arrives before the officer and their family arrives.

We will have been here for over 8 weeks.

I am so excited to see my stuff!

Really, its rather disappointing how excited I am about my stuff.  I wish I were a person who didn't value stuff.  I would still like to think that I value other things much higher.  But there are a number of key pieces whose absence have made life more difficult.  Many of those things belong in the kitchen.  Most of the rest of them belong in my closet.

For better or worse, I fully expect that having all of my clothes and more of my kitchen here will make me much happier.

Now, one packs their air shipment with the things they can't really live without (8 weeks in, that's an amusing thought).  Everything else goes in the sea shipment.  At a typical post, the air shipment comes within a few weeks.  The sea shipment comes within a couple of months.  We will receive our air shipment at about the same time we would receive our sea shipment, were we at a more typical post.

However, I can not complain too much.  Rumor has it that the rest of our things - not only our sea shipment, but also our car and our food shipment - will follow very soon behind.  And I am not at all ashamed to say that my house will feel much more like home once I am surrounded by my own things, rather than gleanings from the embassy's much appreciated pool of cheap dishes and sheets.


Nomads By Nature said...

There is no shame in getting excited to have your things arrive! And to get rid of the welcome kit and the HUGE container it goes into that suck up big space and usually has very sharp corners.

As far as how fast it should arrive... that will depend on too many factors. Eight weeks for an air shipment sounds about normal in our experiences; any earlier is a bonus.

We have found that HHE can take up to three to five months after arriving at post/your home. That's the one to be happy for and dread at the same time, usually we find we rethink somethings, wondering why we keep hauling it and the unpacking and sorting is a huge undertaking. But it feels like Christmas too opening each box, remembering the people and places associated with each item.

Hoping that your UAB arrives smoothly and gives your days that little needed boost of energy and happiness.

Digger said...

It is always like Christmas when the stuff arrives. Glad you are getting yours.

One thing you might think about next tour is mailing yourself some pillows, sheets and a mattress bad. Embassy bedding is uniformly awful, and I find that arriving at post and being immediately able to settle in for the night on comfortable sheets and my pillows helps tremendously.

Oh, and my wife's UAB was forgotten in took her four months to get it plus another 2 to get her HHE.

Digger said...

I should was forgotten during her tour in Azerbaijan, not for this tour.